How is Samsung Galaxy Alpha compared to iPhone?

asked by Nakamora
The phone looks very beautiful. I was just wondering if its worth a buy if the other choice is iPhone?

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answered by Reed
I really don't understand why Sammy put a mid tier CPU on a iPhone competitor. Looks like this phone was been to be made in 2012 and remained packed and opened 2 years later.
If Samsung tried to compete with Apple with this phone it should have been built 2 years ago to compete with iPhone 5 or iPhone 5C which have A6 CPU, since A6 has similar performance than Snapdragon 801.
On the other side, Apple iPhone 6 has A8 which is much faster CPU and makes this phone look like mid-tier. Come on Samsung, even last year's Galaxy Note 3 is much better than this phone on performance speaking.
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answered by KimK
I think it still takes all its design queues from the iPhone, specifically the two ear old iPhone for the sides and front. At the back they've added the same hideous cover they've used for a while, since at least Galaxy S3.
Look, if you want to see semi-original designs running Android you can look at HTC and Sony. Samsung need not apply.
Also, I want to mention Samsung's new design language which is actually Apple's two year old design language. Samsung doesn't have any design language. Anything creative is the product of an outside company, including their ads. Look, if you want a copy of the iPhone, save yourself some dollars and get something much better from Xaomi.
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answered by Sam
I actually like the overall size and screen size. I don't think it is a compelling reason to leave my Nexus 4 with these specs, but I do want more companies to start making premium phones in smaller sizes again. I get that a lot of people want 5.5 - 6" screens, but there are still a few of us who don't necessarily want to go big just to upgrade to top end components. I'm kind of disappointed in the rumors of the Nexus 6 also having a near 6" screen too. Time to buy a European carry-all I guess.
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