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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Stopping Ransomware Attacks and Defending Against Ransomware.

Stopping Ransomware Attacks and Defending Against Ransomware.

Ransomware penetrated businesses in a number of ways, necessitating a multi-front strategy to combat it. Cisco defends against ransomware with an integrated platform approach that spans a wide range of important control points and is backed up by Talos' best-in-class threat intelligence and research.

Proactive prevention is essential.

Ransomware security is most effective when it is based on information and can combat threats on numerous fronts. This necessitates a platform-based strategy, such as Cisco SecureX, which provides comprehensive visibility across crucial control points and allows for rapid detection and protection.

Ransomware protection through email

Secure Email protects against ransomware spread by spam and phishing emails. Malicious attachments and URLs are also detected.

Ransomware protection on the internet

DNS is used in the majority of ransomware attacks. The Cisco Umbrella is a simple and quick solution to boost your security. It improves security visibility, detects compromised systems, and protects your users on and off the network by preventing attacks from reaching your network or endpoints via any port or protocol.

Defending against ransomware on endpoints

Any Secure Endpoint continuously monitors all endpoint activity, catching ransomware in the act and quickly terminating problematic processes, preventing endpoint encryption, and halting the ransomware attack.

Investigation and response to ransomware

Cisco SecureX is a built-in, cloud-native platform for connecting our Cisco Secure portfolio to your infrastructure. It allows you to drastically cut dwell time and the number of jobs that require human intervention.

Cisco Talos Incident Response has created a ransomware plan of action (PoA) that has been tested and validated in numerous compromised situations. Make use of the complete range of proactive and emergency services to ensure you're ready to respond swiftly and effectively during an issue.

Ransomware protection is available

Cisco Secure Access by Duo safeguards against ransomware by stopping attackers from establishing a foothold, moving laterally, and spreading ransomware using stolen credentials. Before giving access to applications, Duo stops potentially compromised devices from accessing resources and verifies users' identities while ensuring that devices are compliant, up-to-date, and safe.

Protection against ransomware on the network

Cisco Secure Network Analytics is an agentless network detection and response service that watches your network traffic for unusual activity, such as a ransomware infestation. You will be able to fast expedite your response to thwart ransomware assaults by using multilayer machine learning and entity modelling to detect malware.

Stopping Ransomware Attacks and Defending Against Ransomware.

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