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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

What is the difference between ITIL V3 and ITIL V4 || ITIL3 vs ITIL4

 What is the difference between ITIL V3 and ITIL V4 || ITIL3 vs ITIL4 

Digging deeper into the difference between ITILv3 and ITIL4, John explained that ITIL4 was the latest version. The two may need to be prioritized depending on the case, he pointed out. 


1.IT defines life cycle approach

2.This version does not talk about 4-dimension model.

3.ITIL V3, with its 26 service lifecycle processes, functions and other guidance arguably also describes how the components and activities in the organization work together.

4.There are no guiding principles under ITILv3

5.ITIL V3 covers governance under service strategy


1.It defines Service Value system-based approach

2.This version emphasises the importance of 4-dimensions for a holistic service management.

3.ITIL 4 and the Service value system take a more holistic approach, providing organizations with a flexible operating model that supports different work approaches. ITIL 4 presents 34 practices as "sets of organizational resources designed for performing work or accomplishing an objective".

4.The ITIL 4 guiding principles are universal recommendations that can guide organizations in many situations, such as "work holistically" and "keep it simple and practical".

5.The governance component of the ITIL 4 service value system is about directing and controlling the organization

 What is the difference between ITIL V3 and ITIL V4 || ITIL3 vs ITIL4 

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